Gaist launch National Condition Survey

In a single move, Gaist has radically altered our collective understanding of the countries highways with a single national survey designed to give any stakeholder in our highways access to imagery and condition data at an unprecedented level of detail.

Since November 2016, we have been surveying every A, B and C road in England with the extremely ambitious mission of revolutionising highways condition surveying by providing the industry with a single, highly detailed, image map layer and database of carriageway condition, that can instantly provide information at scheme level all the way up to providing answers at a national level.

The survey is incredibly detailed, identifying 32 defects types including 15 different types of cracking and quantities of surface materials used in the carriageway. The survey is designed to provide data to all organisations that need detailed carriageway data and mapping such as; highways authorities, utility companies, highways maintenance contractors, design consultants etc.

If this wasn’t innovative enough, we collected the data in such a way that every single crack or other defect can be examined via the Gaist HighwayView, high definition imagery of unprecedented clarity. HighwayView is a unique process that takes video imagery collected from a survey vehicle and transforms it into a high definition map layer that is 900 x more detailed than google imagery.

The data is available in many different ways without having to change existing technologies or even suppliers. The data can be connected to any Asset Management System or GIS via an API, allowing any organisation to access the data with nothing more than an internet connection.

By hosting a centralised data service in this way, vendors of existing asset management systems, who do normally provide surveys, can now serve condition data directly to their existing customers allowing them to offer new and innovative services built around this national dataset.

We intend to repeat the survey such that no part of the survey is more than two years old with most of the network being surveyed annually and extend the survey to unclassified roads. Gaist plans to extend the survey to Wales and Scotland over the coming year.
Gaist is also offering to supply data to other surveying companies allowing them to integrate data into surveys such as SCANNER, CVI, DVI, GPR, and SCRIM, etc.

Other organisations that can benefit from the our database, such as utility companies, consultants, design agencies, road maintenance companies, who can use the highly detailed map of the carriageways and footways for tasks such as; inventory collection, planning, design work, traffic management, white lining, estimations, traffic regulation orders, work planning etc. etc.

We will soon be able to monitor the rate at which every A, B and C road deteriorates over the coming years and will be able to calculate a deterioration curve for each road or scheme, providing incredibly powerful data that will massively enhance our understanding of how different road surface materials perform in different environments and enable maintenance to be scheduled years in advance.

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