New Crop Health Analysis Capabilities

DroneDeploy Releases New Crop Health Analysis Capabilities

DroneDeploy, developer of powerful, cloud-based image processing software for drones, has announced that it has developed new capabilities for its software platform. This new capability aims to help growers perform more accurate plant health analysis and process high-quality maps during all stages of crop growth.

DroneDeploy customers can now fly and capture imagery and process and interpret maps using sensors from Sentera and SLANTRANGE, all compatible with the latest DJI drones. Once a map is complete, users will be able to view, analyze and share plant health data specific to the sensor used, providing an end-to-end solution all within the DroneDeploy software suite.

In addition, DroneDeploy has released improvements to its proprietary map processing algorithms – just in time to address some of the most common challenges growers face when mapping late-stage crops.

“Until now, stitching late stage crops has remained an unsolved problem in image processing,” said Nick Pilkington, CTO and co-founder of DroneDeploy. “We’re excited to deliver a solution to our customers that lets them create high-quality maps at all stages of crop growth.”

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The supported near-infrared sensors from Sentera, including the High-Precision NDVI Single sensor and the Sentera Double 4K, allow growers to create NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) maps to accurately detect crop stress.

The SLANTRANGE 3p sensor captures high-resolution, calibrated, multi-spectral imagery data using patented sunlight calibration algorithms so that growers and agronomists can accurately compare crop data over time.

“SLANTRANGE is committed to promoting an open ecosystem that allows customers to collect and process their data using a combination of tools that work best for their business,” said Matthew Barre, Director of Strategic Development at SLANTRANGE. “This partnership gives DroneDeploy customers access to the accuracy and specificity of SLANTRANGE’s true multi-spectral imagery.”

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