Iridium Dynamics HALO

Our high-performance aircraft outperform the competition in flight duration and range, yet offer an incredible hovering endurance, allowing previously impossible flight profile: fly for hours, including extended periods of hovering.

All the advantages of an aeroplane give long range in a lightweight and low-cost vehicle. Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability enables reliable automated operation with no pilot input. Our aircraft hovers extremely efficiently, allowing extended hovering endurance in applications which require mixed-mode flight.

The large rotor disk-area is the real innovation behind the patent-pending Halo design. Hovering thrust efficiency increases with the area of the rotor generating the thrust. By using our high aspect ratio wings as a rotor, we hover with minimal power. And our small propellers still use minimal power in forward flight, truly providing the “best of both worlds”. Take a look at the performance specifications – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.


Flight time 1.5 hours (hover) 2.5 hours (forward)
Weight (net) 2.0 kg
Wingspan 2.4 m
Length 1.8 m
Speed 30-50 knots
Range 160 km
Battery 11.1 V 10,200 mAh

Source: sUAS All – Iridium Dynamics HALO